Annual Report

2021 – E-Services

Senior Counsellor, Claudia Da Silva working from home delivering E-Service I would like to share my experiences in the pandemic times from a therapist perspective: I had so many questions and curiosities about how to work with traumatised clients in the online setting. How would the e-sessions affect my clientele? How would the organization manage […]

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2021 – Understanding and Healing All Parts of Ourselves

Judith Herman, one of the pioneers of trauma treat­ment, has been quoted saying, “It’s bad enough that our clients lost their childhood; it’s unacceptable that they lose their adulthood too.” Being overwhelmed by anxiety, anger or upset can be a regular occurrence for clients at Phoenix. Intellectually a person who is a survivor of child […]

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2018 – Trauma Transformation Trial – One Year On

The Trauma Transformation Trial program funded in this past financial year by the WA Primary Health Alliance was a hum­bling experience for all of us involved. This psycho-educational program was developed around trauma-informed prac­tice and the Shanker method self-regula­tion framework. There were 5 programs run throughout the trial period and we appreciated the courage shown […]

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