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Counselling is the gift you give to yourself. Rise up, with Phoenix.

Phoenix provides individual, couples, and family counselling sessions for adult survivors of incest and historical childhood sexual abuse. Counselling sessions are usually of 50 minutes duration and are conducted by trauma-informed professionally trained specialist counsellors. Counselling can be provided on site at our office or online via our e-services depending on Covid restrictions.

Counselling is provided for a fee based on a sliding scale related to income. Fees currently range between $15 and $150 (see fee schedule).

As well as providing services to survivors, Phoenix also provides services to (non-offending) significant others in a relationship with the survivor (ie. spouses, family members and friends).

Clients can self-refer to Phoenix for counselling, or be referred by other agencies, GP’s, hospitals, schools and other professionals.

Other Phoenix services include:

  • Advocacy
  • Information and referral
  • Presentations and training for professional groups

Other things you need to know about Phoenix:

  • Phoenix is a service for anyone residing in the Perth Metropolitan area only
  • Phoenix is non-sexist, non-sectarian and non-political in its provision of services
  • Phoenix does not deal with recent sexual assault (we will provide referral to appropriate services)
  • Phoenix recognises that healing and recovery from child sexual abuse can be a long-term process
  • Phoenix services are not mandated (all clients are voluntary), and
  • Phoenix is not a crisis service.

What can you expect from counselling?

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Safety Online

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