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The increased frequency and severity of incidents of sexual abuse and family violence during COVID-19 has been confronting. Isolation is continuing, and financial stress is here for a long time to come. Even as restrictions start to ease, there is no guarantee we will see a corresponding decrease in sexual abuse and family violence.

We work with adult survivors of historical childhood sexual abuse to provide trauma informed, professional counselling and support services, specific information, and psychoeducation, while fostering life and parenting skills to support the strengths of our clients. Phoenix aims to assist in breaking generational cycles of abuse through healing and recovery and by empowering clients to build safe relationships and safe families. You can help ensure that the people in need have access to services and training when they need it.

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Please donate today and help:

•Fund counselling services for Phoenix Support and Advocacy Service waiting lists.
•Fund domestic violence informed training for front-line workers to strengthen community responses to families impacted by FDV
•Strengthen referral pathways for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to easily access support and services available.
•Fund initiatives for Phoenix clients to access psychoeducational programs to help with their healing and recovery journey
•Help educate the community about the long-term harm of intrafamilial and extrafamilial child sexual abuse and supports child-positive attitudes in agreement with international human rights declarations through conferences, seminars, educational and advocacy campaigns.

Our ongoing capacity to deliver training and run our counselling service is dependent on donors.

Thank you for standing with us, together we rise, with Phoenix.

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We are proud to be a registered charity with DGR status and your donations are tax deductible. We accept donations and bequests to continue support our work in the sector. Our ABN is: 92 441 824 145.

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