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The Phoenix Story tells the clients’ story their way as we reach out to those affected by historical child sexual abuse and advocate for those survivors. We are different in how we deliver our training and through the trauma-informed lens of child protection and safety, we focus on prevention and intervention above all else. Through our training and advocacy work, Phoenix aims to contribute to ‘Creating Compassionate Communities’.

With a specific focus on child safety, Phoenix can deliver training differently. This is why:

  • We are committed to prevention and to improve responses to family and domestic violence, child sexual abuse and sexual violence.
  • We advocate for those in our community that are impacted by interpersonal violence and abuse and ensure their needs are front and centre.
  • Phoenix personnel and trainers bring a ‘Trauma-Informed’ and ‘Self-Regulation’ lens to their work, and the organisation itself has gathered practice wisdom and learnings from a 40-year history.
  • Sexual violence which intersects with family and domestic violence (FDV) is often not included or addressed, whereas Phoenix is able to concentrate on this area with its specific focus on historical sexual violence and trauma.
  • The training we do focuses on transforming the way we hold perpetrators accountable – even if we are not working directly with them, with the key messaging around child and adult safety.

These are the Voices of Phoenix. Hear our stories…

Phoenix is committed to creating compassionate communities by providing information about how we can build better brains, and contribute to greater capacity for compassion by changing one mind and one heart at a time. We are Phoenix.

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