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Phoenix Support and Advocacy Service Inc. is a trauma-informed specialist support service providing counselling and psychoeducation to adult survivors of historical child sexual abuse. This support can also be provided to the survivor’s non-offending family members, partners, friends, and significant others impacted by a disclosure of child sexual abuse.

We are proud to be a registered charity, and as such we accept donations and bequests to continue support our work in the sector.

Learn more about our journey through the Phoenix Story.

Our purpose

Phoenix is an independent, stand alone, specialist organisation. We provide therapeutic services to people who have experienced intra-familial and/or extra-familial childhood sexual abuse and to those impacted by a disclosure.

Phoenix advocates for increased understanding of childhood trauma and the impact of child sexual abuse on individuals, families and the whole community and the benefits of early intervention and prevention.

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Our aims are:

Our aim is to provide trauma focused, professional counselling and support services, provide information, life and parenting skills and support the strengths of our clients. Phoenix aims to assist in the breaking of generational cycles of abuse by empowering clients to build safe relationships and safe families. This may entail providing services to non-offending significant others’ in relationship with the survivor.

Phoenix also aims to educate the community about the long-term harm of intrafamilial and extrafamilial child sexual abuse and supports child-positive attitudes in agreement with international human rights declarations. Phoenix provides a non-sexist, non-sectarian, non-political service that is respectful of the client’s core beliefs.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide individual counselling, support, and psychoeducation for survivors of incest and historical child sexual abuse
  • To give priority, and emphasise the reinforcement of positive attitudes towards children and their families, and
  • To advocate for survivors of child sexual abuse and to raise community awareness about the impact of child sexual abuse for the survivor, for their significant others, and for the broader community.
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We also aim to provide a friendly contact when times are tough – the journey is rarely easy. Reaching out can be difficult – the staff at Phoenix would like to offer a hand to support you in your healing process.

Our current Operating Days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Service Area: Perth metropolitan only.

Simply pick up the phone and dial our number (08) 9443-1910 – it’s the first step on your journey. To get in touch with us, you can also visit our Contact page.

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Safety Online

Welcome to the Phoenix Website. We hope you find it useful and supportive when you take that first step towards recovery.

Please be mindful of your safety while browsing and click on the ‘Quick Exit’ button if you need to hide this page quickly. Always delete your browser history when finished and it is safe to do so.

For more advice about internet safety, click on the ‘Online Safety’ option under ‘Clients’.


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