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Phoenix continues to deliver training in-person and virtually across Australia, with limited places available. 

4-Day CORE Model Safe and Together™ Training – AUGUST 2023

This face-to-face course includes:

    • Day 1: Assessment – Thursday 24th August
    • Day 2: Interviewing – Friday 25th August
    • Day 3: Documentation – Monday 28th August
    • Day 4: Case Planning – Tuesday 29th August

WHERE: City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi Street West Perth

COST: $900 + GST (price includes daily catering and comprehensive course manual)

GROUP DISCOUNT: Book 5 places and receive one half price

TO REGISTER: please contact training@phoenix.asn.au

The Safe and Together model provides a unique skillset for domestic violence-informed practice. Participants completing the CORE training will:

  • Learn to use Safe & Together’s practice tools, such as Mapping Perpetrators’ Patterns and Multiple Pathways to Harm, to improve assessment of risk, impact on children, survivor protective efforts and essential case decisions.
  • Practice interviewing perpetrators, survivors and children through modelling, role play and videos.
  • Improve their domestic violence-informed documentation through individual and group exercises.
  • Discuss their own current or past cases and explore how the Safe & Together Model could be utilised in similar cases in the future.

1-Day Virtual Workshop: Introductory Overview of the Safe and Together™ Model

WHO: Those working in Family and Children Services, Women’s Health, Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health, and other community services NOT working exclusively with domestic violence.  This workshop is also well suited for Managers and those considering investing further in the 4-day CORE Model training for staff.

Contact our team via training@phoenix.asn.au for group bookings. 

For more information on the target audience for Phoenix Training please click here.

What are Phoenix doing in the sector?

Trauma Transformation Project: In May and June 2023 Phoenix provided our Trauma Transformation Program, an holistic, psychoeducational mind-body awareness program specifically developed by Phoenix for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.  A group of courageous women who are clients with Phoenix attended this program for four hours over six consecutive weeks.  The Program was facilitated by Trauma Counsellor Coby Greer and Phoenix CEO Louise Lamont.  Group sessions included information on: how trauma impacts the brain, the nervous system and the ability to self-regulate; mindfulness meditation practice; trauma sensitive yoga; alternative self-regulation activities and nutrition information on the mind-gut connection.  Phoenix is delighted that the women who attended the program will continue meeting regularly via their own informal peer support network that they have named the “Trauma Transformation Warriors”.  Participant’s reflections included:

“Human connection is powerful, enriching and meaningful.  I am forever grateful for the 6 weeks you have given me to be able to connect with other “WARRIORS”.  One of the best experiences of my LIFE”.
“Dear Coby and Louise, These past weeks have been a gift.  A gift in community, acceptance, knowledge and curiosity.  You have been amazing and empowering.  Even though we have driven the cart off the tracks sometimes, you always brought us back.  This time will always be appreciated.”

Creating Compassionate Communities conference: Phoenix is committed to contributing to creating compassionate communities by changing one mind and one heart at a time through early intervention and prevention. It is important that we understand what key messages from society are shaping children and young people’s developing brains and what is influencing their future attitudes. We are aware pornography consumption by young people, and the ease of access, is at what could be considered pandemic proportions. If you are interested in reading more about the very successful, Creating Compassionate Conference presented by Phoenix Support and Advocacy Services in October 2022, please click 

Creating Compassionate Communities graphic

Trauma-informed Yoga classes: Phoenix is delighted to report that the 2022 Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TSY) Courses held throughout the year recently wrapped up.  These FREE, 8 week courses were designed for existing Phoenix clients.  The courses were facilitated by accredited TSY instructor Coby Greer and generously funded by the Northern Suburbs Zonta Club and the Fremantle Foundation.   

Many treatment approaches for PTSA and complex trauma neglect the impact that the experience of trauma has on the body. Through empirically validated research, Coby Greer has found that this unique approach to yoga can allow participants to build a safe and predictable relationship with their bodies, furthering the potential for their healing and recovery.

We are pleased to announce that a 6 week TSY course is due to commence in July 2023.

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A picture with text overset. The quote is from a training participant that reads: I now incorporate assessment on family functioning.

Tailor-made packages: Enquire now to discuss a tailor-made training package that suits your organisation and the case management that you do. Get in touch now to discuss a training package unique to your needs. Contact us at training@phoenix.asn.au and we can discuss your requirements.

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