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Together with Phoenix Support & Advocacy Service and Phoenix Professional Development and Prevention Services, we offer a number of tailor-made training services to meet the needs of the diverse Community Services sector both state (WA) based and nationally across Australia.

We offer face-to-face training opportunities (Covid-dependent) and online options to create more opportunities for accessible training packages that suit the organisation, individuals and the broader sector. Find out how we are different.

We are a not-for-profit committed to creating compassionate communities through early intervention and prevention training, with a focus on adult child sexual abuse survivors. Together we rise, with Phoenix.

What can we offer you?

Tailor-made packages: Enquire now to discuss a tailor-made training package that suits your organisation and the case management that you do. Get in touch now to discuss a training package unique to your needs. Contact us at and we can discuss your requirements.

Clinical Supervision: Phoenix provides general and specialist clinical supervision for practitioners who work directly with adult survivors of child sexual abuse and complex trauma, and survivors and perpetrators of family and domestic violence. Mentoring support is also available for program managers supervising staff. Read more about our Clinical Supervision team here.

Safe and Together: The Safe and Together model provides a unique skillset for domestic violence-informed practice. Through this model, CORE training explores:

  • The impact of how domestic violence affects the whole family as a unit
  • Analysing perpetrator behaviours as parenting choices
  • Partnering with the non-offending parent and
  • How domestic violence intersects with other factors such as, but not limited to mental health, substance abuse, homelessness.

Learn more about Safe and Together here.

Covid Safety planning: Through the path to safety from family and domestic violence and supporting adult child sexual abuse survivors, Covid has changed how we do business. We may have changed, but our direction remains clear: listening to the stories of those we support, and preparing the sector in prevention and intervention training. Contact Phoenix to discuss Covid-contingency planning around training with us. Things are changing all the time across the country and the world, and we at Phoenix are changing too.

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