Everybody is welcome at Phoenix

Everybody is welcome with us

At Phoenix, everybody is welcome regardless of age, race, ability, gender, sexual identity, faith or beliefs, or political persuasion. We are a service that does not discriminate and welcomes everyone from all walks of life. Together we rise, with Phoenix.

Everybody is welcome, at Phoenix.

At Phoenix, inclusion matters to us. We believe in welcoming everybody, including survivors from marginalised communities such as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD), People with Disability (PwD), people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent (A&TSI), people with gender fluidity, or diverse sexual orientation.

Please note: the only time anyone is not welcome at Phoenix, is if they are disrespectful or use abusive behaviour towards staff or others, or are not willing to comply with Government mandated requirements or Phoenix policies.

Accessibility matters to us

The office at City West Lotteries House is wheelchair accessible.  Your support worker and/or assistance animal are welcome too at Phoenix. Please advise reception prior to your appointment if you need an interpreter service, whether that is in your first language or if you require Auslan interpretation. Our website meets accessibility guidelines and each image and graphic loaded to our website can be read through descriptive alt text with the assistance of a screen reader if our clients are vision-impaired.

We have many clients who identify as LGBTIQA+ who come into Phoenix and we have experienced counsellors who are trained in trauma relating to gender and identity due to childhood sexual abuse.

Gender terminology explained

Everybody has a gender identity, but some people do not identify with the gender identity that was assigned to them at birth. Expressing one’s gender is a complex issue and no two stories are the same. Find out more here through Headspace. Pronouns are now becoming one of the easier ways to identify what gender someone represents. If in doubt, ask the person. You may not always get it right, but it is important we keep trying. This is how we respect every person and every story and celebrate the rainbow of voices that make up our community. Everybody is welcome, at Phoenix.

Do you have different pronouns?

When visiting Phoenix, please feel confident in explaining your pronouns to the team and how we can make you comfortable in your experience. We respect all people and diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of what we do, as we honour people’s vulnerabilities, fragilities and take the time to get it right. You are welcome, at Phoenix.

Learn more about identifying as LGBTIQA+

LGBTIQA+ explained

There are many different sexual identities people may identify as, and we need to assure our practice is inclusively acknowledging this.

Below you will find a basic glossary of these terms for your reference:

L: Lesbian, or women attracted to women.

G: Gay, or men attracted to men.

B: Bisexual, or an individual who is attracted to either men or women.

T: Trans, or a general term referring to an individual with a certain gender assigned at birth, which does not reflect their current gender identity.

I: Intersex, or a general term which refers to an individual who has differing chromosomal, physical or hormonal characteristics which do not represent their bodies in a ‘typical’ way.

Q: Queer, or a general term to express a range of different sexual orientations and gender identities.

A: Asexual, or an individual who expresses none to little sexual interest in others.

+: Read more about the terms explained in detail, here.

Find out more about coming to Phoenix as a client

What can you expect when entering the Phoenix service? Find out more here.

When you become a client at Phoenix, there are a number of links that may be helpful, including:

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Safety Online

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