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Phoenix Counselling Fees 2019


Welcome to Phoenix.  Here at Phoenix our fees are kept to a minimum to ensure that therapy is affordable.  Because our access to government funding is very limited we must charge fees.  We rely on our fees to pay our counsellors and help keep the organisation running.  Without charging fees we could not continue to remain open for business.  .


Adult Clients

Fee Category Earning Per Year Fee

Less than   $16,000

A2 $16,001  –  $40,000 $25
A3 $40,001  –  $50,000 $35
A4 $50,001  –  $80,000 $65
A5 $80,001  – $100,000 $100
A6 Greater than $100,000 $130

Adult sessions last approximately 50 minutes


Child Clients (16 years and younger)

Fee Category  Earning Per Year Fee
C1  Less than   $16,000 $10
C2 $16,001  –  $40,000 $20
C3 $40,001  –  $50,000 $30
C4 $50,001  –  $80,000 $40
C5 $80,001  – $100,000 $50
C6 Greater than $100,000 $65

Sessions for Children can range from 20 – 45 minutes.

Fees for Children are based on parental earnings.


Department for Communities (DOC) Child Protection and Family Support referred Clients

We have a contract to provide counselling services to DOC referred clients.  Therefore, all clients who are formerly referred to us from DOC are not required to pay for sessions.  A formal referral consists of DOC sending a letter to Phoenix asking us to see you.  Without this letter the normal fees will apply.

DOC clients please speak to the office manager before your first session to confirm that a referral has been received and that no fee applies.

Family Sessions

Fee Category Earning Per Year Fee
F1 Less than   $16,000 $20
F2 $16,001  –  $40,000 $30
F3 $40,001  –  $50,000 $40
F4 $50,001  –  $80,000 $80
F5 $80,001  – $100,000 $120
F6 Greater than $100,000 $150

Family sessions last approximately 50 minutes


Financial Hardship

If at any time during the process of attending therapy you find your circumstances change and you experience financial hardship, please discuss your situation with the Office Manager.  The Office Manager will help you apply for Financial hardship consideration and will forward your application to the Executive Officer for approval.


Emergency Ambulance

Occasionally it is necessary for a client to be taken to hospital in an ambulance to ensure they stay safe.  Should an ambulance be called to take you to hospital you will be responsible for the cost.

Please check with your health provider to ensure you are covered, or consider investigating the cost of ambulance only cover.


If you have any queries about fees or any of the information provided above,

please speak to the Office Manager.


Download the Fee schedule 2019  here.

Some important information for clients


Phoenix understands that sometimes things may come up for you, such as illness, emergencies or family commitments which may make it necessary for you to cancel your counselling appointment at short notice. However, booking an appointment with an Phoenix counsellor means that this time is not available to others. When appointments are cancelled at short notice or when clients do not show up for appointments, other clients who are waiting for appointments miss out.

As a consequence, Phoenix requires that, where possible, 48 hours’ notice of cancellation of appointments is given to enable the appointment to be offered to another client. Where 48 hours’ notice is not given, and without sufficient reason, the fee normally applicable to your session will be charged. Where clients are attending Phoenix free of charge due to current financial hardship, the minimum scheduled fee ($25) will be charged.

Download the Cancellation Policy here.

Client non Payment of Fees

If clients have failed to pay fees for previous appointments (including fees for nonattendance or cancellations), without providing a sufficient reason for the non-payment, no further appointments will be offered until outstanding account has been paid.

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