Our Supporters

Our Supporters at Phoenix

At Phoenix, we have worked with some amazing people and organisations who have supported our work every step of the way as we rose each day. They have been with us on the journey and we wouldn’t be here today without them and their generous support.

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The Western Australian Government

Western Australia government logoThe Western Australian Government are our funding body at Phoenix and we couldn’t deliver the services we do without their generous support and encouragement.

Thank you to all that have made these partnerships possible. We are often looking for more likeminded organisations to work with in the sector so we can continue to rise and grow.

At Phoenix, we are proudly supported by:

Get to know the people and the organisations who have helped Phoenix RISE.


Lotterywest logo

Phoenix has expanded its services recently through a Lotterywest seeding grant to include a fee-for-service business arm known as Phoenix Professional Development and Prevention Services. Through the generous support of Lotterywest, we are able to diversify our services and branch out from just counselling, to training and further advocacy work.










Phoenix were able to provide clients with access to Trauma Sensitive Yoga courses thanks to Zonta.



COMPU-STOR have supported Phoenix by providing us with some complimentary records management and offsite storage support, so we can continue delivering high-level services to the community.

eSafe Kids

Phoenix is delighted to have entered into a collaboration with Kayelene Kerr and eSafe Kids to work in the prevention space and raise community awareness about the emerging epidemic of children accessing pornography at earlier ages, and to some degree using this as a form of sex education. Kayelene’ s knowledge and experience will support and guide Phoenix as we work together with Kayelene to address this challenging and problematic issue.

Community Matters Media

Community Matters Media logo

In 2022, the team at Community Matters Media, led by Jacqui O’Leary, designed our new Phoenix website. Community Matters Media is built on advocacy and social justice and their vision aligns with the work Phoenix are committed to doing. At Community Matters Media, their desire is to tell the stories of their clients that make a difference. By helping them find their voices, one by one, we break down prejudice and barriers that exist and stand in the way of meaningful and impactful change for the better. They will always advocate for the down-trodden and the voiceless. The community matters and they will honour that.

Fremantle Foundation

The Fremantle Foundation has generously provided grant funding to support the delivery of Trauma Sensitive Yoga Course for survivors.

Safety Online

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