Getting Help

A woman sits by the shore and looks out at the sea.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Complex trauma associated with historical child sexual abuse is represented in a myriad of ways. No matter how long ago or how recent the abuse occurred. Here at Phoenix, we help you shine the torch through the darkness, especially when it seems most bleak. There is hope and there is a meaningful life after trauma.

Learning to trust

When an individual experiences childhood trauma, it can be increasingly difficult to trust again and maintain relationships when we are seeking our whole self we lost along the way. Many survivors feel alone, lost, isolated and become depressed. Reaching out to Phoenix and taking that first step can be an empowering choice that helps you take back your voice and regain your courage. Get in contact now to find out how we can support you to take this step.

When you become a client at Phoenix, there are a number of links that may be helpful, including:

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Safety Online

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