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What are Phoenix doing in the sector?

Creating Compassionate Communities conference: Phoenix is committed to contributing to creating compassionate communities by changing one mind and one heart at a time through early intervention and prevention. It is important that we understand what key messages from society are shaping children and young people’s developing brains and what is influencing their future attitudes. We are aware pornography consumption by young people, and the ease of access, is at what could be considered pandemic proportions. If you are interested in reading more about the very successful, Creating Compassionate Conference presented by Phoenix Support and Advocacy Services in October 2022, please click 

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Trauma-informed Yoga classes: Phoenix is delighted to report that the 2022 Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TSY) Courses held throughout the year recently wrapped up.  These FREE, 8 week courses were designed for existing Phoenix clients.  The courses were facilitated by accredited TSY instructor Coby Greer and generously funded by the Northern Suburbs Zonta Club and the Fremantle Foundation.   

Many treatment approaches for PTSA and complex trauma neglect the impact that the experience of trauma has on the body. Through empirically validated research, Coby Greer has found that this unique approach to yoga can allow participants to build a safe and predictable relationship with their bodies, furthering the potential for their healing and recovery.

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Safe and Together virtual training: Phoenix continues to deliver training in-person and virtually across Australia with limited places available. Don’t miss out on this exciting training opportunity that you can do in the comfort of your own home or workplace and become more DV-informed in just eight half days. Contact out team via training@phoenix.asn.au to have a conversation with us. No masks, no limits, all connection. 

The Safe and Together model provides a unique skillset for domestic violence-informed practice. Through this model, CORE training explores:

  • The impact of how domestic violence affects the whole family as a unit
  • Analysing perpetrator behaviours as parenting choices
  • Partnering with the non-offending parent and
  • How domestic violence intersects with other factors such as, but not limited to mental health, substance abuse, homelessness.
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Tailor-made packages: Enquire now to discuss a tailor-made training package that suits your organisation and the case management that you do. Get in touch now to discuss a training package unique to your needs. Contact us at training@phoenix.asn.au and we can discuss your requirements.

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