What to Watch For

An alert list for kids and teens

  1. When an adult or family member “singles-you-out” for different treatment – and can act another way when no-one is watching.
  2. When this “special” treatment includes words like – “you are the only person that understands them or they can talk to.”
  3. When a person wants to spend time alone with you, without the knowledge of others, and makes excuses and plans to do so.
  4. When a person wants you to do things with them that involve physical contact that is secretive, unusual, feels bad or hurts.
  5. When a person “accidentally-on-purpose” keeps on touching your private parts or breasts, especially when “playing”, or makes comments about them all the time.
  6. When a person “inspects” your body by touching you or continually comments on your development.
  7. When a person wants to rub oils, lotions or sunscreen on your body without a witness knowing or being present.
  8. When a person keeps coming into the bathroom, toilet or your bedroom when you are in there and most likely undressed.
  9. When a person will not knock before entering your room and won’t allow you to close or lock your bedroom door.
  10. When a person says they want to touch your body or may show you pornography – using the excuse “it’s for sex-education.”
  11. When a person talks to you about sexual things they’ve done to others and mentions an experience or age similar to yours.
  12. When a person talks to you about their sexual relationship with your parent or a parent figure.
  13. When a person keeps asking questions about sexual things between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  14. When a person treats you in an “adult” way – like a boyfriend or girlfriend and gets jealous of you seeing others.
  15. When a person won’t let you play with peers your own age or expects you to act like the other adults around them.
  16. When a person makes you promise not to tell your mother or others’ about things that happen between you.
  17. When a person comes into your bedroom at night and nobody else knows and you’re not to tell.
  18. When a person “accidentally-on-purpose” exposes their genitals to you, or walks around without clothes on, especially if it’s a male with an erection and doesn’t apologise.
  19. When a person on the net wants to send you pictures of a sexual nature, or does so – saying it’s for your sex education.
  20. When a person blames you for being so “sexy” they couldn’t control themselves and that you led them on or seduced them.
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