Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

Phoenix is an independent, stand alone, specialist organisation. We provide therapeutic services to people who have experienced intra-familial and/or extra-familial childhood sexual abuse and to those impacted by a disclosure.

Phoenix advocates for increased understanding of childhood trauma and the impact of child sexual abuse on individuals, families and the whole community and the benefits of early intervention and prevention.

Our Values

We are a service that focuses on STRENGTHS and SAFETY

A  We are a service that is ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE

F  We are a FRIENDLY and FEARLESS service FREE and independent of any political or religious            affiliations

E  We are a service that ENGAGES with others and ENCOURAGES and strives for EXCELLENCE in          all that we do

R  We are a service that RESPECTS those we work alongside and applies RIGOUR to our practice





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Safety Online

Welcome to the Phoenix Website. We hope you find it useful and supportive when you take that first step towards recovery.

Please be mindful of your safety while browsing and click on the ‘Quick Exit’ button if you need to hide this page quickly. Always delete your browser history when finished and it is safe to do so.

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