Client Privacy and Confidentiality

Phoenix is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of clients. The Association will ensure that all client information is collected, stored and used in accordance with statutory obligations and best practice standards.

Ensuring client privacy

Phoenix treats all client information as strictly confidential in line with its Client Privacy and Confidentiality Policy. You can view this policy on request.

Collecting Information

Phoenix will only ask you for information relevant to the services you require. No information will be sought from other agencies you are dealing with, without your written consent.

Sharing information

Individual Phoenix counsellors may discuss information you provide with supervisors for the purpose of providing a better service. Supervisors are bound by the same professional rules of confidentiality that apply to counsellors.

When clients are receiving services from a number of agencies it may be desirable to share client information. In such cases, your information will only be disclosed by Phoenix to these agencies if you have provided written consent.

If you are under the age of eighteen, a custodial parent or guardian may be able to gain access to any information Phoenix retains about you.

Non-identifiable information provided by Phoenix clients may be collated and forwarded to Phoenix’s funding body for statistical purposes or used for research.

Accuracy of information

Phoenix seeks to maintain accurate records. If you consider your file to have inaccuracies, Phoenix can amend your file or note your concern.

Storage of Client Information

All your information is kept in a secure manner and only authorised staff can have access to that information.

All client notes, files, databases and other forms of information remain at all times the property of Phoenix. Your file remains the property of Phoenix after cessation of contact. In general, Phoenix will keep your file for 7 years and it will then be shredded. Only the Initial Inquiry form, Client Registration form or Contact Summary will be kept past this time. Clients may request (in writing) that their files be shredded after terminating contact with Phoenix prior to 7 years, however, some records would need to be kept for audit purposes and professional indemnity. Clients may also request that their files are kept longer than the 7 year period.

Client access to their own Information

Clients may access their records under Freedom of Information principles. Applications should be made in writing to the Phoenix Coordinator.


If you have any grievance about your privacy and confidentiality you may contact the Phoenix Executive Officer and they will promptly investigate this.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

No information will be disclosed to any parties except under the following circumstances:

  • Written client consent
  • Compulsion of law (e.g. subpoenas, warrants)
  • Circumstances where there is actual or threatened risk to life or health. This typically relates to people in danger of imminent self-harm or of harming others.
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